Lure - Brian Rathbone


By Brian Rathbone

  • Release Date: 2012-02-18
  • Genre: Paranormal


Warning: This title contains sexual content, bad behavior, mild profanity and immature characters.

What readers are saying:
"Like Beavis and Butthead...only hotter and sassier."
"Lure is like a cross between Saving Grace, Ghost Hunters and Jersey Shore."
"Fans of the movies The Hangover and Brides Maids are sure to enjoy this irreverent comedy."

Sam Flock is a good cop, even if she does drink too much. Off-duty, she's been known to cause her own trouble, but when she drives into the side of an ambulance after seeing a ghost, her career in law enforcement meets its end. Determined to find answers, she forms a paranormal investigation agency with her capable but sometimes annoying friend, Shells. Though they are perhaps the world's worst paranormal investigators, they find something beyond their wildest imaginings.