My Private Menagerie - Théophile Gautier

My Private Menagerie

By Théophile Gautier

  • Release Date: 1872-10-23
  • Genre: Romance


It is is romance book. I have often been caricatured in Turkish dress seated upon cushions, and surrounded by cats so familiar that they did not hesitate to climb upon my shoulders and even upon my head. The caricature is truth slightly exaggerated, and I must own that all my life I have been as fond of animals in general and of cats in particular as any brahmin or old maid. The great Byron always trotted a menagerie round with him, even when travelling, and he caused to be erected, in the park of New stead Abbey, a monument to his faithful Newfoundland dog Boats wain, with an inscription in verse of his own inditing. I cannot be accused of imitation in the matter of our common liking for dogs, for that love manifested itself in me at an age when I was yet ignorant of the alphabet. A clever man being at this time engaged in preparing a 'History of Animals of Letters, ' I jot down these notes in which he may find, so far as my own animals are concerned, trustworthy information.