Meeting with My Maker - Calinda B

Meeting with My Maker

By Calinda B

  • Release Date: 2016-10-26
  • Genre: Contemporain


There's no such thing as paranormal monsters. Right?

I'm a broken shell of a woman, incapable of happiness, undeserving of joy…or that's what I tell myself, when I let my bible-thumping mama drag me to Hotel Paranormal, a place I'm certain doesn't exist.

"It will be fun," she says. "You might meet someone. I might commune with your dead father," she says. "Either that or meet someone new."

My answer? No to everything she suggests, especially her erasing the memory of my beloved father with a new prospect.

The brochure says it will grant me pleasure beyond my wildest dreams in a place of opulence and decadence. So why do I end up in a room like a monastery? And, who's that dark, shadowy creature behind the mirror in my bedroom?

Turns out he's a demon. And the more pain I feel, the more excited he gets. This is going to be interesting.


Meeting with my Maker is by Calinda B, is a unique fantasy laced with horror and romance. Prepare to face the forbidden in a place where your darkest dreams and most horrifying fantasies, might just come true.