Yellowstone Reflections - Peggy L Henderson

Yellowstone Reflections

By Peggy L Henderson

  • Release Date: 2018-04-26
  • Genre: Paranormal


This is a 35,000 word companion novella to Yellowstone Redemption

Chase Russell knows where he belongs. Both his heart and his mind will forever be with the woman he loves. Before he settles down, he must prove to himself that, despite being a novice time traveler from the 21st century, he can make it on his own in the Yellowstone wilderness of 1835.

Confident he will learn everything he needs to know from his trusted companion Elk Runner, Chase is surprised to discover through a vision that it is actually others who put their confidence in him. When he is abruptly left completely isolated in an unfamiliar vastness, he must dig deep within himself to find what it takes to survive and return to Sarah, his only reason for living.

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