Adam’s Journey - Alex Albrinck

Adam’s Journey

By Alex Albrinck

  • Release Date: 2016-11-17
  • Genre: Science-fiction


The greatest journeys in life are often those taken in silence, with no one else watching. They are the journeys of self-discovery, when one learns one’s true history and destiny. They are the times when self-discipline must trump the massive desire to act in a manner that offers a short-term benefit… but a long-term disaster.

Adam long knew he faced such a journey, one he’d face completely alone. He didn’t know how he’d ever begin; fate seemed stacked against him. And yet he knew the stakes, knew that his failure — or his discovery — could doom him and those he loves most.

And then… fate smiled on him. For just a few brief moments, the window opened, and he commenced that journey.

He—and the world—would never be the same.