Agent of Light Episode One - Odette C. Bell

Agent of Light Episode One

By Odette C. Bell

  • Release Date: 2015-07-01
  • Genre: Contemporain


A supernatural story with an anime feel, Agent Mira follows a fumbling and unlucky young woman who finds herself in trouble with Hell itself.


Agent Mira works for a strange, shadowy agency called (imaginatively) the Agency. She's worked there for as long as she can remember, perhaps because the work itself is really quite memorable. It's hard to forget she forms part of the line of defence between good and bad - between Heaven itself and the fiery depths of Hell. However, the section of the defensive line she inhabits is minuscule and quite literally insignificant.... That is until everything changes.

A series of strange apparent 'coincidences' see Mira pitted against creatures far beyond her skill. It almost seems as if someone has it in for her.... But when her misadventures push her straight into the arms of the Agency's finest officer, she gets a little distracted. And then things just get darn right crazy. From the sudden appearance of a childlike angel, and her more abrupt insistence that she is Mira's new flat mate, to the terrifying ramblings of a police Inspector - it's no wonder Mira is having trouble keeping up.

All too slowly, however, her hunky top Agent begins to catch up. But will he be fast enough to realise what is happening before it’s too late? And will he be able to make the distinction between loyalty to a friend and loyalty to the Agency itself?

(This book was previously published as Agent Mira under Jilly McQueen - a pen name of Odette C. Bell. It is now being republished as Agent of Light Episode One and Two.)